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After four years of dominance in ACE Radio’s Gippsland market, The Morning Crew with Gabi & Dan is now heard across regional Victoria and Southern New South Wales through six ACE Markets.

Gabi and Dan

According to Gabi, Dan is 30 going on 75! He's a diehard Tigers and Storm supporter, with both logos inked on his arm. Dan is the most patient of the Morning Crew. He somehow deals with Gabi all day then goes home to five young kids!
Gabi has grown up with two older brothers, so Dan is childsplay for her. She's always up for a laugh, mostly at her own expense. She holds no secrets on air, so whatever is happening in her life you'll hear it on air!
The Morning Crew with Gabi & Dan, weekdays from 6! If they don't sleep in... which has happened before... but don't tell the boss...

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